Magical Readathon O.W.L.s 2020

MAgical Readathon O.W.L.s 2020


I first learned about the Magical Readathon back in Fall of 2019 during the N.E.W.Ts and I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of information that was provided. I also realized that the 2019 readathon had actually begun in April of 2019 with the OWLs, so while I was interested I figured it was best to wait until the next readathon began.

As you can tell, I am late making this post because I seemed to have completely forgotten all about it until yesterday!

The Magical Readathon was created and is hosted by Book Roast on Booktube! You can find her announcement and extra information from that link. You can also click here for a direct link official readathon website!

The readathon takes place from April 1st through the 30th. All you need to do is select a career path and then follow all the prompts in order to pass your OWLs!!

Now time to get into the how I plan on tackling this readathon!

Choosing a Career

This was a tough one for me, as I wanted more than just one (which is acceptable) However, I was not prepared to take on the task of multiple prompts for multiple careers.

After much thought, I finally decided on the Journalist or Writer career. I thought it fit well with my personality and the prompts definitely looked achievable.

The Hogwarts subjects required for Journalist or Writer are:
History of Magic
Muggle Studies


Journalist or Writer

History of Magic:
Prompt: Witch Hunts: Book featuring witches/wizards
Planned Read: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Muggle Studies:
Prompt: Book from the perspective of a muggle (contemporary)
Planned Read: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

Prompt: Magical qualities number 2: balance/opposites- read something outside your favorite genre
Planned Read: Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Courses, Seminars and Training

This section of the Careers Guide is not mandatory. It is a little something extra if you want to add some extracurriculars to your course load!

When I first looked at the list I thought for sure that I wanted to do the Dragon Tamer Training. While I still think that would be a fun training to take, it has a prerequisite of Magizoologist career. So that cancels out that for me, but there is always next year!

So after crossing off all the ones I was not quite wanting or didn’t have the requirements for, I finally settled on two:

Animagus Training

Prompt: Magical qualities number 2: balance/opposites- read something outside your favorite genre
Planned Read: Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalo
Prompt: Shrinking Solution: Book under 150 pages
Planned Read: Tales of Beetle the Bard by J.K. Rowling
Prompt: Animagus lecture: Book/series that includes shapeshifting
Planned Read: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Magical Shop Management

Prompt: Magical qualities number 2: balance/opposites- read something outside your favorite genre
Planned Read: The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

I am excited to join this Magical Readathon! I saw everyone else having all the fun last year, so I can’t wait to dive in.

Are you doing the Readathon this year? If so, what career(s) and training(s) did you choose?

Magical Readathon Links:
Book Roast Booktube: Announcement Video
Magical Readathon: Official Website
Twitter: Challenges, Quizzes, House Points, and MORE!


2 thoughts on “Magical Readathon O.W.L.s 2020”

  1. I just made my post for the O.W.L.s last night because I have been slacking so badly with reading and being organised with blogging 😂 These are some great book choices for the prompts! I’m really keen to read Glass Hotel and Darling Rose Gold. Have heard great things about both books! I loved The Simple Wild ❤ I hope you enjoy all of these and good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have high hopes for Glass Hotel and Darling Rose Gold, hoping they live up to their hype. I’ve had a few people tell me that I need to read The Simple Wild, so I figured why not just add it to my readathon! I will have to go check out your post, and good luck on your OWLs!!


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