Is Book of the Month Worth It?

What is Book of the Month (BOTM)?

BOTM is a monthly subscription box that costs $9.99 for your first box and then $14.99/month after. Every month BOTM selects five books for members to choose from. Your first pick is included in the $14.99 and then every subsequent add on book is $9.99. Every member is allowed one pick and up to two add ons. If at any point you decide that you are not interested in any of the picks for that month, you would have the option to skip the month without being charged.

Once you hit your twelfth consecutive month in the subscription you will become a BFF! What is that exactly? It means that you receive a BOTM tote bag with a special pocket just for your book, a free add on during your birthday month, and every winter you will get to choose one of the five Book of the Year Finalists for free.

What are the Pros of BOTM?

  • In most cases the picks for BOTM are early releases at a way better price;
  • They are hardcover in excellent quality;
  • They have a wide range of genres to suit just about any reader;
  • If you have to many books to read that month, or none of the picks are quite what you are looking for, you can easily skip the month without being charged;
  • While it is a monthly subscription and you are automatically charged monthly, BOTM makes it very simple for you to cancel at anytime with no long term commitments.

What are the Cons of BOTM?

  • While BOTM is very good at making monthly picks for books, sometimes the more popular books sell out before you get the chance to purchase them.
  • For any YA fans, like me, BOTM had a YA subscription box until recently they decided to cancel it. This means for all the YA lovers there will be a lot less YA selections.

Why I love BOTM:

I joined BOTM back in August of 2019. I was referred by Bookstagram, as well as, many book friends. I was a bit skeptical coming in as I am with any subscription boxes. However, from the first box I was hooked. It became clear that these books were excellent quality at a very affordable price. I also love the fact that I get access to many early release titles before they even hit the stores.

One of the other things I have enjoyed is the actual BOTM community. I have found through Facebook and Bookstagram that many people like to share their experiences and have discussions about the books that are selected each month.

Some of the other groups on Facebook also allow for the swapping and/or selling of BOTMs. So for people like me who were late to the BOTM party, I have the opportunity to have access to older titles that are no longer available on the website.

Lastly, while I will not hit my BFF status until later this year, I look forward to the many perks that come along with it!

So, all of this to say…….. YASSSSS, BOTM is totally worth it!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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